Ease Your Garden-Growing Pains

Keep a friend in your pocket

The sunshine season is upon us and now is the time to get outside to tend to gardens.  Whether it be planting colorful flower beds or placing vegetable seedlings in the earth or inside containers, gardening is a nice mental escape and it eases a lot of tensions but it is also a bit of a workout.  Forgotten muscles that hibernated for the winter months painfully return after lifting large bags of soils and squatting when weeding.  Pair that with the sun’s rays and it is a recipe for disaster.  Here are a few of our must-have remedies to have on hand tol keep you comfortable and healthy all season long.

  1. CBD-Rich Soothing Salve - To alleviate sore muscles, hemp-derived cannabidiol products are a natural alternative to manage body aches. CBD oils have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and when paired with coconut oil as with Apra’s salve, you have a moisturizing, pain-relieving powerhouse. 

  2. Bath Bombs - A long soak in a tub is a great way to soothe your body and rejuvenate your skin.  Drop in an effervescent bath bomb composed of hemp extract with naturally-occuring CBD and other cannabinoids for an extra dose of relaxation.

  3. Muscle Rub - Some aches and pains require a more intense remedy and that is where a pharmaceutical-quality cannabinoid product that naturally provides pain relief is a medicine-cabinet staple. 

Whether you are gardening to beautify your space or to create a sustainable food source, arm yourself with natural pain relief and stay healthy!

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