What Makes CBD the New Fan Favorite?

Editorial: CBD Cleans Your Skincare Routine

I remember watching the first and best Batman movie (IMO Keaton/Nicholson can’t be beat) at the age of 10 and remember how terrifying it was to think that a chemical attack could ever come to fruition through my Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker. Fast forward to recent years and along with wrinkles comes wisdom, paired with the patience to stop and read product labels.  It was sad to learn that my skin was under attack for years and I was my own worst enemy.

The downward spiral of Johnson and Johnson pushed many skincare giants underneath a microscope and opened the eyes of many unsuspecting shoppers who were ignorant as to long-term harms their routines were causing.   It’s sad to research the ingredients found within the majority of products available even today.  Talcum, aluminum, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, etc…, these are chemicals approved for use as they are deemed harmless in small enough quantities.  But these products are often used 2x daily, year over year, and the build up of these toxins wreak havoc. 

People deserve a safe, clean alternative for their skincare regimen and that is where CBD has grown in popularity with no signs of stopping.  Often organic in nature, CBD aids skin’s rejuvenation by evening skin tones and reducing puffiness naturally to deliver a better complexion without the chemicals.  Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties used in lotions and salves help reduce pain and swelling too.  

Initial studies show that CBD lowers stress, helps patients overcome addictions and anxiety, and treats seizures. Medical studies using CBD are on the rise and on that same trajectory are its bragging rights of being a natural wonder that does a body good.  Why wouldn’t we want to add it into our routines wherever we can?  With CBD in your skincare products, you can feel good about looking good again.  

Author: Andrea Lettic MS , Copyright Apra Hemp, BBB Labs all rights reserved. 2020

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