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The Right Amount, What to Know.

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

How to get started the right way.

For years pharmaceutical doses of most medications only used age as a guide for consumption, which is a flawed approach.  The theme song of Diff’rent Strokes states it best with, “What might be right for one, might not be right for some.”  Varying in shape, size, height, weight, strength and health, people are unique like snowflakes and medicinal remedies need to better cater to each body versus everybody. 

With cannabinoid health and wellness products that problem with deciding dosage is two fold, finding the specific regime and thinking about your own personal metabolism.  Makers of these hemp and CBD oils, tinctures and capsules urge their new customers to find the specific dosages by microdosing, which means to start small and increase intake as needed until the desired results are achieved. 

Undeniably, cannabinoids are beneficial to health,delivering therapeutic properties to relieve users from pain and anxiety but people will never achieve relief from underlying ailments if the dose is inadequate. By keeping the dose in check, you will avoid negative side effects, such as red-eyes, dry-mouth, headache, fatigue, nausea and skin redness. Determining the optimal dose is the key to accomplish the best results so here are steps to help you on your journey to improve your overall well-being.

Tinctures and edibles:

  • Check the description for the mg/ml or mg/oz.

  • Use a dropper for hemp and CBD tinctures in order to quantify the amount per serving.

  • Always start with the lowest possible amount.

  • Take a serving and wait for at least 30 mins to observe the impact.

  • If you are not feeling the result, then increase the quantity gradually.

Topical applications – Patch test

  • Choose a small spot where pain persists for a patch test.

  • Apply the topical product on the skin gently (Diameter of not more than an inch).

  • Observe for any irritation or itchy feel.

  • Wash the spot after 45 minutes and look for any abnormal impact.

So the lesson is, what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander.  Start slow and build yourself up to the perfect plane of potency for the relief you seek.  

Author: Andrea Lettic MS , Copyright Apra Hemp, BBB Labs all rights reserved. 2020

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