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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Improve your health by making your feet happy

I’ll be the first to admit that I placed foot care at the bottom of my wellness checklist, especially in chillier months when sandals are forced into hibernation.  For years I attributed the happiness of a summer afternoon’s pedicure to the pretty colors added to my toes and aftermath of the morning’s mimosa.  It was a pampering experience...nothing more. 

Fast forward to today and now a foot soak is something I take seriously.  Combined, our feet have more than 50 bones, more than 60 joints, and more than 200 ligaments, muscles and tendons.  They are overworked and often neglected until aches and pains arrive, which is what happened to me.  A pain in the foot can derail the body’s balance.  Posture suffers, which can lead to back aches and pain within additional extremities.  The bliss felt after a recent appointment was so elevated that I began to read about all of the health benefits foot care delivers.  

A simple soak reduces swelling, hydrates and soothes skin, and fights off bacteria that can settle under toenails and wreak havoc on your body as a whole.  To take the pedicure a step further (pun intended because I enjoy lame jokes) I started to incorporate cannabinoids into my hoofs’ hygiene habits.  Research has shown that hemp oils and naturally-occuring CBD have anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  Rubbing a drop of hemp oil around the cuticles hydrates and protects your feet from nasty organisms seeking solace inside your toes.  The oil is followed up with a CBD lotion to soothe skin naturally, without harsh chemicals.  On days where I overstepped (I’m hilarious) my limits, a CBD muscle rub is massaged into my heels and ankles.  Added bonus...CBD reportedly aides in balancing sleeping habits so your slumber might improve too.  It helps me.  

Pedicures are no longer justified as a luxury or a me-time escape.  They are a necessity for overall well being.  Soak and enjoy!

Author: Andrea Lettic MS , Copyright Apra Hemp, BBB Labs all rights reserved. 2020

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