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A Gift of Thanks to the Best Dad!

Fathers Day is around the Corner.

This year, more than ever, parents of school-aged children learned a lesson that teaching students is hard.  Kids can be stubborn and new math is hard.  As we all draw a sigh of relief that summer is upon us, be kind and send the teachers in your life a little gift of thanks.

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice warm bath?  Not really...but you can boost your tub’s tranquility by adding an aromatherapy bath bomb with full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally-occuring CBD.  CBD and other cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties and work to induce calmness.  Mix CBD with the sweet scents of essential oils and you can breathe easy, unwind the mind and calm overworked muscles while tension melts away.  

Buy a box of Apra’s 12 aromatherapy bath bombs so you can gift a few and save some for yourself.  After 3 months of deserve it!  Pair the bath bombs with a bottle of Apra’s moisturizing hand sanitizer and you got yourself the perfect gift.  Keep relaxed and stay healthy!

Author: Andrea Lettic MS , Copyright Apra Hemp, BBB Labs all rights reserved. 2020

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